Giving Up

They said, you'd find your way They said, I better stayed away ...................... and you said you were sorry that everything had to play its story and I was mad because I needed no apology Boy, I cared for you I knew the dark story that turned your life into a mess that dragged you... Continue Reading →


Vanish Before Flourish

G, In the dots of the modern world we met in the strangest possible pot a place with no face a clock without pendulum our story is a conundrum   C, in all the years I live my life you'd awaken the biggest demon and angel within me I was mystified by the narrative of... Continue Reading →

Connected. Intertwined

I don't mind the distance, darling Two inches, thousand miles, it doesn't matter Your very soul will always makes my heart flutters A sweet "goodmorning", a quick "Imissyou", a long rant of "beenalongday..." -- I treasure you   I don't mind waiting, sweetheart Shits happen I know, thou it is hard Just let me know,... Continue Reading →

Better Go

It hurts so bad, I won't lie It tears my heart apart, I can't help but cry But listen, darling I better go.   I am still the same girl like I was years ago Deserve you not, I should said no of this tangled and complex bow I am sorry, darling I better go... Continue Reading →


I fall again, in the same abyss dark and coated in an awful silence trembling, so much fear I reach out, but none near   I fall again, when the ticks of time strangling rob the sanity within my body I jump to nothingness of me, weak and powerless   I fall again to the... Continue Reading →

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