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Dear Women, It is Okay

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Dear women,
When things get harder, it is okay to cry
It is okay to feel weak and wrecked
It is okay to say, “I am a fucking mess!”

It is okay to be tough
It is okay to stand up and bounce back strongly
It is okay to say, “I” get over it quickly!”
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Lillac on the Hill

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Photo credit: Febi D.S
Photo credit: Febi D.S

A sweet-smelling beauty
Blooms prettily
Rising against the sun
Swaying between the wind

Stay away, sting!
Let the hyacinth and lillac win
As loves transcendence
In a haven, we put an end

When the sun set in a mesmerizing twilight,
the mighty Shadowfax crosses the haunted gate
Delves into the deep deep depth,
a wood that smells of death

His shadow pasts the Mediterranean
Crossing the mournful seas to the Balkan
To find the lillac on the hill

Global Youth Advocacy Workshop on Global Citizenship Education

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Two years ago, I had an opportunity to attend Global Youth Advocacy Workshop on Global Citizenshi Education (GCED) in Busan, South Korea. My involvement in this workshop could’t be separated from my engagement with child protection activism with Sahabat Kapas, a local NGO where I have been working for four years. Together with another Indonesian delegate, I Wayan Alit Sudarsana (the founder of Little Circle Foundation), I met amazing young activists from around the world and spent six wonderful days in Korea. We are all shared the same goal and visions but had so much diverse approaches and best practices in our works and projects.

I will share some of great things I have learned there and great people I met with in the next post. 😉

Dawn’s Ode

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You didn’t lead me on
I didn’t expect a unison

The night I fell
The moon soared a spell

I gave up on my little piece of happiness
because it was a madness
and be it in the darkness

In todays’s dawn
I boarded the ship
Secured my self behind its searchlight
I would see you more,and you’d see me less