I fall again, in the same abyss dark and coated in an awful silence trembling, so much fear I reach out, but none near   I fall again, when the ticks of time strangling rob the sanity within my body I jump to nothingness of me, weak and powerless   I fall again to the... Continue Reading →


Silent, blind

I write you But the words are silent I read you But the sentences are blind I miss you Period, no but.

Flowers for my Mom and Dad

My parents are farmers and they love their farms dearly. It gives them a great pleasure when the plants grow healthy, all green, fresh and lushly. However, they don't want me to be a farmer, albeit enjoying the routine as ones. Years ago, they sent me to the university and hoped that I can have... Continue Reading →

Just Yesterday

Just yesterday, I promised myself I'd let you go, completely no hope, no reminiscence, no lies I'd set myself free   A year and three months have passed A flashback full of pictures of me crawling back ....over and over, unashamed -------- left me cracked The questions lingering in my head, it shuts me dead... Continue Reading →


Aku adalah malam yang kau lewati begitu saja Membelandang kau menuju pagi Enggan berkutat dalam gelap yang menurutmu hanya ilusi

Come Back Home

  I rode a wave to the shore Cold from the storm of the night before All I feel was more Wanting you in my deepest core   Come back home, I will bear the sin Avoid me, don’t! Let me feel the pain   Darling, swim into the darkness I will be with you... Continue Reading →

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